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Reviews from clients:

While on holiday we needed canine hydrotherapy for Roo. Katherine and Tim were great arranging an appointment at short notice and helping her ease the stiffness in her back and legs. Such a lovely, friendly and professional service xxx
Nikki Dick

Fabulous place. Katharine is excellent and so kind; Tig LOVES going. Highly recommended.
Mandy Colbourne

Lovely lady.. my boy Brodie loves being there
Karin Griffiths

Fantastic place, I would highly recommend it. Beti enjoyed, what a facility for her recovery. Ivdd dachshund!
Nerys-Jane Thomas

Absolutely brilliant. I had an over weight Jack Russell and Katharine has worked wonders with her. Katharine is so lovely with Bella and really knows how to make the sessions fun. Would highly recommend.
Tracy Lewis-Pass

My Springer spaniel is a working Police dog and suffered a horrific quadruple fracture to his pelvis. Thankfully, a great veterinary surgeon put him back together, but Katherine and her hydrotherapy pool ensured he returned to full active duties, helping to strengthen his injured side to the point where you wouldn't know he'd ever suffered an injury. Katherine is friendly and welcoming and obviously cares for the well-being and health if all the animals she sees. I would highly recommend her services. 5*
Ryan Llewellyn

Bruno's first session really pleased with the way he was handled thanks. 5*
Jane Davies

Ruth Ashby recommends West Wales Canine Hydrotherapy: "highly recommend!! Our little pug is only 7 months old, and she's a bit crazy, Katherine was extremely patient and friendly! Thankyou!"
Ruth Ashby

For anybody that watches this, Croft is my girl. When her leg was injured I thought the worse, she's 13 years old so, too old to be operated on and she couldn't walk more than a few steps. The work that Katharine and Tim at West Wales Canine Hydrotherapy have done, along with Crofts courage and drive and, the love and encouragement from her family have given this beautiful girl a quality of life that I could never have imagined. Thank you Katharine and Tim
Ian Phillips

We take our 9 year German shepherd here & they are fantastic with him he loves it. Would absolutely recommend this place A1
Alan Wells

I would recommend everything. Katherine is very professional, she puts you at ease instantly & her connection with Croft is wonderful to see. We've only been twice but l can imagine us wanting to continue with her even after it's 'NEEDED' Thank you to both Katherine and her hubby Tim for everything.
Trish Boo Phillips

***** Brilliant pool 1st class Therapist 5star plus.
Pete Tanner - Google Review

Can not recommend Katherine enough. She has really helped get Lottie back in track after major surgery. Thank you! 5*
Sarah Walton

Jake really enjoyed his Hydrotherapy here & it really helped him post spinal surgery
Pip Ostell

Warmly recommended by friends, we're really enjoying watching Katherine work with our two westies to help them get fitter and more limber. We really appreciate the incredibly kind and professional advice and the patience with two- and four-legs alike. Our nine-year old girl's stiff joints are but a memory after two months of swimming sessions, and our boy is getting fitter by the day. Hydro works wonders as rehabilitation, but is a fantastic complement to exercise during west Wales winters too. 5*.
Magdalena Ohrman - Facebook Review

Take my dog here fortnightly for a back problem and it's amazing how far he's come. Definitely recommend. *****
Beverley Williams - Google Review

Hydrotherapy has transformed my dog's life and I cannot thank West Wales Canine Hydrotherapy enough. When my dog's spondylosis started getting worse - he was struggling to walk, his legs were collapsing, and he was miserable - I felt powerless. We have been going to hydrotherapy since Aug-17 and my boy has improved beyond belief. I now cry tears of happiness instead of despair. I cannot recommend Katharine and WWCH highly enough and urge other pet owners to give hydrotherapy a go.
Sonya Dawes - Google Review

(comment attached to Mitzy's video) ...and it's making such a massive difference to her stiff joints! Since starting hydro, she's enjoying longer walks again and is so much livelier both out and about and at home!
Magdalena Ohrman

We are delighted to have found this lovely hydrotherapy centre for Joey, our 10 months old lab who has elbow dysplasia. Swimming has done miracles to his condition. Katherine is kind and very knowledgeable, makes the session ever so fun for Joey who swims next to her waiting for his favourite toy (the squeaky chicken) to be thrown around the pool. I strongly recommend this very welcoming centre and hydrotherapy which does wonders for your dogs. 5*
Laura Birt

Excellent place, Kathryn so lovely and my dog quickly became used to it and seemed to enjoy herself and lovely to see her using her legs so freely, thank you, just wished a little closer so I could take her more often xxxx. 5*
Gail Taylor-Steadman

After a lovely countryside journey, we arrived at the Capel y Groes, home to the fantastic Animal Hydrotherapy Pool. When pulling up outside we had a lovely welcome from Katherine the owner of this lovely little business. I have two dogs needing hydrotherapy both for different conditions. One has hip dysplasia and one that suffers with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. After a thorough examination of both my dogs they were ready to swim. Layla my Cavachon has been to other hydrotherapy centres before and is naturally a water baby. Her first time in this pool was great as it was bigger than most. She had plenty of space to swim freely and show off her swimming skills to Katherine. Then down to business. Katherine was using different techniques to make Layla use her back legs in ways to build muscle. Then it was Lottie’s turn. Lottie was at first very reluctant to swim, but with Katherine’s time, encouragement and patience by the end of the session Lottie was jumping off the ramp voluntarily chasing a ball! Thank you for making it such a positive experience and most of all for teaching Lottie to swim. See you soon. 5*
Ryan Saunders

Amazing service and care. Woody the Beagle, aged 11, is a different dog after first weekly and then fortnightly sessions to help his severe arthritis. Now he runs with his brother & sister like a puppy! Thank you Katharine. 5*
Nikki Channon

This is a comment left on Facebook, when Milo's video was posted:
That's my baby. He's doing amazing now. Doing hydrotherapy was brilliant for him and now he's having bowen technique so he's improving even more. He's made 1 year old in July which I never thought he would get too. He's my little mascot. Where there's life there's hope.
Julie Jeffries

I would definitely recommend hydrotherapy with Katharine she's brilliant! Buster my bulldog was much better after his sessions with her - thank you so much! X
Jackie Ryan

Highly recommend this. She's wonderful with the dogs.
Julie Jeffries

What a wonderful facility. Katharine is so good with my girl, kind, gentle and extremely knowledgeable. We are so lucky to have this therapy centre in West Wales. 5*
Debbie Morgan

Bear has been going to hydrotherapy for a series of a few weeks now and he absolutely loves it! Not only that but thanks to Katharine and hydrotherapy Bear has been able to reduce his pain killer intake from every day to now maybe once a week! I can not recommend hydrotherapy enough! Katharine is fantastic with Bear and he adores her! The pool is always lovely and warm and full of toys! Katharine reads the signals off Bear so well and knows if he's getting tired or is particularly sore that day and works to his needs. I feel 100% happy and content with Katharine and am really pleased with the progress Bear is making so far thanks to Katharine.
Jassmin McLavy

Mr Woods' arthritis and poorly knee has hugely improved thanks to Catherine at West Wales Canine Hydrotherapy.
Brechfa Forest Barns - totally dog friendly holiday cottages

My old Ozzy, who is nearly 15, absolutely loves going swimming with Katharine. Cannot recommend Katharine's service more highly, gorgeous premises and fitness and pure fun and joy for dogs who love water.
Justine Morrissey

Katherine is just superb a professional and dedicated therapist who has got a great manner and our dog loves her. He has really benefited from his sessions and looks forward to his visit.
Peter Hamilton

We cannot thank Katherine enough for what she has achieved with Hagi in the last month. He is about to have cruciate ligament ops on both hind legs as well as a femoral head and neck excision on one hip and the vet recommended hydrotherapy to strengthen his muscles before surgery. The difference in Hagi's fitness is amazing and he is now able to join our other three dogs on any walk. I just wish we lived in the area (we are on holiday) so that Katherine could provide his post-op hydrotherapy too. Thank you, Katherine, and we look forward to bringing Hagi back to you on our next visit!
Gill Lillie

We're so grateful to Katherine for transforming Hagi's fitness over 4 weeks. He has added 1 cm to one hip and 1.5 cm to the other. Should stand him in good stead for his recovery.
Gill Lillie

Wanted to give a big shout out to West Wales Canine Hydrotherapy - just back from our fourth visit and it's really helping our ancient and arthritic 15 year old dog Chilli. It's a beautiful venue and Katheryn is excellent with her - I highly recommend!
Peta Pitstop

When Cari started hydro, she wasn't either keen or confident. 2 months of sessions two or three times a week and she's off swimming on her own, gathering up the toys. It's made such a huge difference to her mobility and strength. Thank you Katharine.
Joëlle Hoggan

Katherine helps my little mini dachsie who has a history of IVDD and has hip dysplasia, I'm hopeful it will be of great help to her as she goes along with the programme. Katherine is so lovely and patient with her!
Rachel Jones

I have been taking my dog Dakota to see Katharine 2 to 3 times a week and she has done an amazing job. Before taking Dakota to Katharine I had already booked her in for a double hip replacement the vet said it was one of the worst case that he had seen so I thought it was the best thing I could do for her. About 7 weeks of hydrotherapy later has made such an improvement that the operation has now been cancelled and she is now a happy dog with a better future ahead of her. She is no longer in any pain or discomfort and Dakota can't wait to get in the pool it's a beautiful building with a huge pool if you love your dog and want a safe place for your dog to have rehab or just for fun you should give Katharine a call. Thank you so much.
Dakota Oconnor and Stephen

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